IBM works with the top 100 carriers worldwide, bringing capabilities such as blockchain, IoT, artificial intelligence and cloud for flexibility and innovation; industry expertise; and global delivery presence to realize this vision

IBM Services, the largest consulting organization in the world, is proud to be a Systems Integrator for Duck Creek Technologies. Duck Creek Technologies is one of the few insurance software providers that IBM has agreed to build a dedicated practice to support.

New technologies, changing demographics and channels, and increasing consumer expectations are just some of the challenges facing today’s insurers. Traditional business models are under strain as insurers look to increase customer interactions and become trusted risk advisors, but are held back by legacy system constraints and operational expense. IBM inspires its insurance clients to re-imagine how their organizations innovate, operate, and engage with their customers, employees, and ecosystem using digital and emerging technologies. We enable clients to offer new experiences, to possess a new and disruptive focus on business model innovation and market activation, and to accelerate the build of new expertise and new ways to work.

As a business and technology partner of choice to our clients, we work with clients to design solutions, modernize and optimize their businesses, and deliver sustained value through end-to-end capabilities that take our clients from inception to support. Our insurance-trained business consultants understand the insurance industry globally and locally to facilitate faster implementations. Our technology consultants not only are trained in Duck Creek implementation, but are experienced and trained in all of the surround technologies and business issues (interfaces, conversions, business processing, data, etc) that facilitate successful implementations.

During implementation, our services experts can help you apply advanced technologies to modernize operations and drive growth. They are thought leaders, innovators, distinguished engineers, consultants, and IT architects who have worked with thousands of clients to transform enterprise IT.

We look forward to bringing our experience and expertise to your insurance project.

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IBM has over 15,000 trained insurance consultants globally. We have implemented a worldwide training program for Duck Creek Technologies products. We are building near-shore and offshore Centers of Competency to support these teams globally. We have implemented hundreds of insurance package software solutions worldwide.


IBM has been on the forefront of technology innovation for over a hundred years. Our technology continues to be a major component of the underlying technology in most, if not all, medium and large businesses today. We continue this legacy with our work in artificial intelligence and quantum computing. We have agreed in principle to work with Duck Creek Technologies to infuse Watson, our artificial intelligence engine, into Duck Creek underwriting algorithms.


We begin (March 2019) our partnership with Duck Creek Technologies as a Select level partner. We bring to each engagement experience, expertise, and methodology refined over thousands of package implementations. Our implantation teams are staffed with experienced insurance industry businesspeople qualified and trained on Duck Creek Technologies technical resources.

Our package implementation methodology takes into consideration all of the surrounding business and technology integrations that will be impacted as part of an implementation project. We are experts in security, application integration, data, conversions, business process, networks, communications, storage, end user dynamics, and all associated business and technologies.