CogniSure helps commercial lines companies to transform unstructured insurance documents into actionable insights. Its deep learning algorithms accurately extract, normalize, validate, and analyze data from documents to develop insights that will enhance risk decision making capabilities, improve customer experience and prevent losses.

CogniSure’s platform unlocks insights trapped in unstructured documents such as loss runs, submissions, quotes, and policies – in real time and with pinpoint accuracy. CogniSure’s platform not only extracts data from these documents but also normalize them in an insurance industry canonical model and provide meaningful insights on a visually appealing dashboard. Duck Creek customers can take advantage of our offering and easily integrate CogniSure AI’s Submission ingestion API’s through Duck Creek Content Exchange.

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  • Cloud hosted, ISO certified, patent pending proprietary platform with the largest repository of trained algorithms for commercial lines
  • Reduce manual data entry by accessing data extracted from submission documents and help insurers save time, reduce costs, and make better risk decisions.
  • Pre-built, customizable, insights dashboard that provides an ability to drill down for actionable insights into normalized data
  • Solution partnership and pre-built integration accelerator with Duck Creek policy
  • Visual indicators to help underwriters prioritize submissions based on risk profiles and underwriting appetite
  • 3rd party data enrichment (integrate 3rd party data sources)
  • Pre-built proprietary algorithms to validate VIN number and flag errors in VIN numbers or predict the make and model of the vehicle based on VIN Number
  • Human in the loop for exception handling; Expedited ‘exception handling’ through rush request
  • Featured as prominent providers in Aite-Novarica’s Intelligent Text Ingestion report
  • Recognized as a prominent solution provider in Gartner’s report on ‘At the peak – Digitally engineered underwriting’
  • Profiled as part of Aite-Novarica’s report on ‘Commercial lines underwriting start-ups’