SaaS sales and service enablement solution

Avolanta is a software company that helps insurance carriers increase revenue by providing a complete digital experience for agents and customers throughout the insurance lifecycle. The Acquire, Interact and Serve modules make up the platform, allowing carriers to create a mobile-first and collaborative approach to how policies are sold and serviced.

The Avolanta Interact Claims Notifications package provides the ability to send emails and SMS notifications for common claims events such as the completion of a first notice of loss report and claim payments. The notifications are based on Avolanta communication templates that blend static text with dynamic data such as claim #, claimant name, etc. from Duck Creek Claims. Templates can be customized to match the needs of the customer.

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The Avolanta platform is collaborative allowing carriers, agents and policyholders to easily and securely capture and access information. Next, it promotes a mobile-first user experience to help provide service from any location and any device. The platform is also flexible, allowing for the support of multiple lines of business. Data can be captured once and then applied to multiple quotes and applications. Finally, it integrates seamlessly into the Duck Creek Suite to keep policyholders and claimants aware of the most recent status changes and updates.


Provide a multichannel approach to customer service that allows policyholders to engage through their preferred service channel.

Offer proactive notifications for claims statuses and other policy updates through various communication channels, increasing customer visibility and satisfaction.

Provide mobile-friendly, collaborative forms that can be used for the capturing and submission of data between the agent and policyholder.


Company founded based on expertise in both carrier operations and insurance technology offerings.

Complete team experience designing and implementing innovative customer engagement strategies for P&C insurance companies.