Athenium Analytics

Athenium Analytics delivers powerful risk intelligence and SaaS solutions that allow insurers to identify, measure and mitigate risk in a changing climate.

Natural hazard intelligence from Athenium Analytics delivers on-demand, patented risk scores for 12 separate perils, with coverage across the contiguous U.S. These nationwide risk scores integrate directly with the Duck Creek Policy platform to help underwriting teams drive profitability and write smarter business amid rising catastrophe risks.

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  • Optimize risk selection by instantly generating natural hazard risk scores for any commercial or residential address across 12 perils
  • Reduce workflow risk by providing your entire team with a data-driven risk score engine and nationwide coverage
  • Write smarter business by leveraging intuitive, 1-10 risk scores to confidently inform capacity, risk appetite and pricing at the neighborhood level
  • Streamline underwriting and renewal workflows by accessing risk scores directly within the Duck Creek Policy platform
  • Instantly generate actionable, 1-10 natural hazard risk scores for any address across the contiguous U.S.
  • Proprietary, patented risk scores are built on decades of historical weather insights, with an average of 66 years of data comprising each hazard score
  • Get risk scores down to the neighborhood for 12 perils, with resolutions ranging from 9 miles down to 0.25 miles (wildfire) and 10 meters (flood)
  • 12 perils include: Hail, straight-line wind, tornado, intense rainfall, winter storm, ice storm, hurricane wind, hurricane surge, river flood, flash flood, wildfire & earthquake* (*limited to New Madrid fault line)
  • Athenium’s SaaS & data solutions are trusted by nearly one-third of the nation’s top-100 insurance carriers
  • Athenium Analytics offers the world’s largest web-enabled climate database, built on decades of historical data and more than 65 trillion data points
  • Athenium Analytics has been working with the nation’s top insurance carriers for two decades
  • Athenium’s weather and climate intelligence is accessible via API, web-based UI and a growing number of partners like Duck Creek