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Athenium Analytics Gauge Natural Hazard Risk Scores (Policy)


Natural hazard intelligence from Athenium Analytics delivers on-demand, patented Gauge risk scores for 12 separate perils, with 100% coverage across the contiguous U.S. These nationwide risk scores integrate directly with the Duck Creek Policy platform to help personal and commercial lines property underwriting teams drive profitability and write smarter business amid rising catastrophe risks.

With this Anywhere Enabled Integration for Duck Creek Policy, carriers can pull intuitive ‘1-10’ risk scores for a new or existing policy, navigate to the Dwelling Information tab and click the “Get New Risk Scores” button to instantly view the latest scores for that address. Users can also configure thresholds to flag any high-risk perils above a certain score (the default trigger is 6 or higher). The result is streamlined underwriting and renewal workflows and improved financial results by arming your team with actionable natural hazard risk scores built on decades of hyperlocal weather data.

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