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With New Training Trends on the Rise, Should Traditional Learning Principles Be Abandoned?

June 7, 2018

Modern software training has moved well beyond the traditional classroom setting, with options like fully-online instruction, self-led curricula, and increasing reliance on gamification gaining traction everywhere from basic mobile app setup assistants to large enterprise platform training groups. With all of these emerging methodologies on the rise, it can be tempting to consider a redesign of the way we’ve engaged our users in multimedia learning for years. But at the end of the day, we just can’t see the value in a wholesale abandonment of what has always been one of the most valuable aspects of the learning experience we offer at Duck Creek University.

Duck Creek University – A Modern Training Experience

DCU was created as an alternative to traditional software user guides and on-the-job training. Our instructors are committed to the personal experiences that connect trainers to students. At the same time, we understand that people have various learning styles, have limited time for training, and want to take advantage of new training trends to add efficiency to their learning experience.

Get Trainings Fitted to your Preferences

We believe that technology should power ingenuity, rather than replace it. DCU offers our foundational instructor-led classes either in person at a DCU location or by remote attendance. We know the value of seeing the shining faces of our students and making those personal connections, responding directly to a confused expression, taking a quick question during a break, etc. However, we realize that some companies need to save money on travel expenses, and some individuals have difficulty traveling for any number of reasons. We have become very seasoned at balancing a mix of remote and in-person attendance.

On-demand Courses Available at Duck Creek University

After initial foundational training, we offer online, topic-based training courses that can be taken on demand. Most courses range from 20 minutes to one hour. We have also developed role-based learning plans that include both instructor-led and online training courses. We realize that one size does not fit all. We work with customer groups as they come onboard to Duck Creek – or throughout product development or maintenance phases – to develop a right-fit training plan for their project team.

Receive Professional Training from Experts in the Field

DCU trainers, as a team, have many years of experience in secondary to advanced formal education, corporate training, and curriculum development. Our trainers learn from each other and participate in various professional organizations to stay abreast of new trends and best practices in training.

Continuous improvement is a regular and important aspect of DCU operations. We are exploring more ways to add value to the learning experience for our customers, partners, and internal team members. Ideas range from options for more microlearning opportunities to further enhancement to our remote training experience. And no matter what, we’ll always strive to incorporate the best new ideas with the tried-and-true human interactions that make Duck Creek University so strong.

Start Your Duck Creek University Journey Now

DCU is focused on people, not products. We don’t just show students how to work with our software; we teach them that the power to create a stronger future is in their hands. Whether you’re new to working with Duck Creek solutions or want to expand on the knowledge you already have, we’re always here to help.


Daphne Press
Manager, Duck Creek University
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