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Duck Creek: Fostering Innovation with the Innovator Series

February 5, 2024

At Duck Creek, we are deeply committed to fostering innovation—not just in name, but in action. We believe in inspiring, informing, and educating our audiences about the power of our platform in enabling P&C businesses to imagine, innovate, and deliver game-changing results.

The Innovator Series: A Platform for Change

The Innovator Series is much more than a series of webinars—it is a platform where the boundless potential of Duck Creek is on full display. We aim to inspire our audiences by showcasing what our community has built on Duck Creek, demonstrating how our technology empowers businesses to push the boundaries of conventional P&C practices.

Our Objectives: More Than Just Showcasing

The Innovator Series is not just about showcasing Duck Creek’s capabilities. It serves a multitude of purposes: to exhibit how Duck Creek’s technology empowers partners to provide revolutionary industry solutions, to promote Duck Creek’s innovation events like the Hatch-A-Thon, and to share experiences and highlight the innovative solutions resulting from these events.

It’s about raising awareness of cutting-edge technologies and their transformative impact on our industry, and encouraging the exploration of different perspectives and approaches to innovation. Above all, it’s about igniting a demand for the innovations our partners create.

Hatch-A-Thon: A Stage for Innovators 

Our Hatch-A-Thon events are a shining testament to the potential of innovation in the hands of our partners. The most recent Hatch-A-Thon, the Battle of the Bots, was an incredible display of the transformative power of AI, ML, and chatbots in the P&C industry.

Curious about the details behind these innovations? Our Innovator webinars provide an in-depth look into the creations of our finalists.

Champion Innovator: Coforge

Standing tall as our champion innovator is Coforge, who utilized the Duck Creek platform to deliver documents to customers instantly via WhatsApp. This ground-breaking solution ensures that customers can access their information wherever they are, emphasizing the power of integrating cutting-edge technology with customer-focused innovation.

You can hear more from Sailesh Kumar, Sr. Technical Architect and Srusti Sanjivanee, Sr. Business Analyst at Coforge as they share the value of instant document delivery with WhatsApp for insurers in our webinar replay below.

Finalist: Value Momentum 

Also shining brightly at the Hatch-A-Thon was finalist Value Momentum and their Cognitive Underwriter Virtual Assistant (CUVA). This innovation streamlines underwriting analysis and data gathering from Duck Creek, highlighting the potential of cognitive conversational collaboration in making processes more efficient.

Hear all about CUVA from Ruchi Kamaldeep Gurhani, Duck Creek Practice Leader, and Nitin Motlag, Insurance Practice Leader at ValueMomentum in our webinar replay.

Finalist: Xceedance 

Rounding out our impressive lineup of finalists is Xceedance with SmartAgent.AI, a solution that provides effortless and personalized insurance servicing via WhatsApp. The SmartAgent.AI system showcases the innovative use of AI/ML, ChatGPT, and Duck Creek’s capabilities to revolutionize the way insurance services are delivered.

Watch our webinar replay and see how Naveen Sharma, Director of Business Systems, and Anuja Gindoriya, Technical Project Manager at Xceedance, discusses their project.

By showcasing these innovations, we demostrate not only the power of the Duck Creek platform, but also the endless possibilities that await when innovation meets opportunity.

Be Part of the Story: The Hatch-A-Thon

For more information about our Hatch-A-Thon event and how you can be a part of Duck Creek’s innovation story, visit our Hatch-a-thon webpage. Join us in redefining the boundaries of innovation at Duck Creek.

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