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Duck Creek Reinsurance Management

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Reinsurance processing, meet order and simplicity.


Manage your reinsurance program effectively and efficiently

Duck Creek Reinsurance Management powered by XL enables P&C insurance companies to enhance the value of their reinsurance programs. By automating critical reinsurance financial and administrative processes, Reinsurance Management helps cedants improve operational efficiencies, maximize recoverables, reduce claims leakage, and improve data analytics and financial reporting.



Maximize the value of reinsurance purchases

By identifying all claims that are meant to be covered by reinsurance, accurately calculating recoveries, and creating reinsurance bills with speed, Reinsurance Management ensures that all reinsurance purchases achieve their intended goals of helping insurance companies manage risks and making available the capital needed to support those risks.

Enhance reinsurance administration decision making

Digitally transforming reinsurance administration creates opportunities to strategically leverage data in ways that were previously extremely difficult. With the ability to better understand reinsurance transactions and outcomes, finance and risk management teams can leverage data to make critical decisions regarding risk appetite and support reinsurance contract negotiations.

Increase the efficiency of reinsurance administration

Labor-intensive tools such as spreadsheets and unsophisticated databases, as well as legacy systems built on older platforms, are ill-equipped to manage today’s increasingly complex reinsurance programs. Through rules-based automation, standardization, and data transparency, Reinsurance Management creates a more efficient and productive reinsurance administration program.


Reinsurance Management powered by XL offered an off-the-shelf host system that was configurable to meet the majority of our requirements. The team was willing to partner with us to meet several of our key requirements and Reinsurance Management powered by XL offered an excellent user interface and experience.

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