Reinsurance Management

Reinsurance processing, meet order and simplicity.

Ceding risk to reinsurers is a critical strategy for securing equity, solvency, and stability for primary insurers. Managing that process is both formidable and error-prone. Until now.

About Duck Creek Reinsurance Management

Duck Creek Reinsurance Management lets P&C carriers automate critical financial and administrative functions required by primary insurers to manage contractual relationships and settlement with reinsurance providers.

Data is a critical asset to modern insurers—put yours to work with a solution designed for all aspects of your reinsurance program.

Duck Creek Reinsurance Management’s analytics tools offer 360-degree policy, claims, partner, and treaty overviews, along with a reconciliation tool for validating direct and ceded transactions. It offers real-time management reports, export and email capability, and Schedule F Part III functionality. Drill down to better understand your reinsurance exposures and inuring schema, and take advantage of a complete and hardened audit trail that enables full compliance.

Speed is key to digital transformation—get your reinsurance management program up and running in minimal time.

Duck Creek Reinsurance Management offers full, secure access to insurers’ data as well as all of its reinsurance functionality as a browser-based, cloud-hosted solution that takes the burden of maintenance and hosting off of your IT resources and frees them up to focus on insurance product innovation and user experience design. SaaS delivery allows for significantly reduced IT involvement and full implementations in months, not years.

Maximize reinsurance recoverables—accurate calculations lead to superior collections and bill processing.

We support reinsurance management by empowering insurers to increase operational efficiency, prevent claims leakage, and improve data analytics capabilities. No longer will you have to depend on scarce IT and accounting resources to keep your financial house in order.

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