Web Connectivity Limited

WCL allows organisations to streamline business processes by automating the secure, electronic transfer of data and documents between brokers and carriers, using internationally-agreed ACORD standards.

WCL is the back office software and systems integrator for large commercial insurance companies that creates greater process efficiencies. WCL combines insight into industry processes with deep technical understanding and develops solutions through a commitment to productive, long term client relationships.

WCL works with its clients to enable:

  • Electronic Placement of Insurance Risks
  • Electronic Accounting and Settlement of premiums
  • Electronic notification and management of Claims

WCL is the leading ACORD Messaging Gateway provider in the London Market, allowing organisations to streamline processes by automating the electronic transfer of data and documents between brokers and carriers as well as central services, thereby improving client service, increasing process efficiency and reducing cost.

Duck Creek customers can take advantage of WCL’s integrated products, providing rapid deployment of ACORD messaging capability and London market messaging capability.

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  • WCL’s solutions (both cloud-based and on-premise) provide its customers with the ability to reconcile 100% of incoming premium, greatly improving the capital efficiency in their organisations
  • Through using structured data in the claims process, WCL clients can provide significantly enhanced client service through faster claims agreement and payment
  • Through WCL’s partnership with Duck Creek, it is possible for policy administration systems to be truly global without the need for geography-specific systems
  • WCL provides clients with easy-to-use online user interfaces to access all insurance information sent to them from their trading partners. From these interfaces, clients can review and respond to their trading partners in a timely and secure manner.
  • A key feature of WCL as a business is the insurance and technical expertise of its employees.
  • WCL was founded in 2003 and currently supports over 90 clients globally in the Large Commercial insurance space
  • WCL has won many awards since 2003, including over 40 ACORD awards, and employs many ACORD certified experts as well ACII qualified staff