Tetrasoft is a global digital services company, focused on delivering innovation and digital services to leading companies. The company’s strategies transform the way businesses interact in the market by leveraging business, data, and customer behavioral insights. With a digital-first approach, Tetrasoft helps its clients stay ahead by using the best-in-class agile and lean methodologies. With a strong focus on insurance, healthcare, and manufacturing, Tetrasoft specializes in developing commercial products and platforms using disruptive technology across data engineering, customer experience, quality engineering, intelligent process automation, cloud platforms, mobile applications, and security service lines.

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Fast-growing Duck Creek practice across the globe

Experience across leading insurance platforms and bespoke application landscape at global customers

Center of excellence and academy models in place to scale teams and cross-train them on next-gen technologies including collaboration with Duck Creek University


Scalable architecture for a rapid, cost-effective, multiline approach to businesses among cross-functional departments

Implementation of intelligent automation solutions across insurance carriers to achieve productivity gains

Automated and predictive analytics framework to drive workflows and focus on optimizing insurance and claim operations

Flexible, reliable, and customized templates and processes to manage documents and records, capturing and archiving business transactions such as claim forms and specific rules and ensuring timely handling of filings

Customized agile frameworks and DevOps pipelines to improve speed to market


Vertical focus on property & casualty space

Customized frameworks for legacy modernization, customer experience, and operations

System testing, system integration testing, supporting applications (COE), developing test cases for better processing and speed to market

Speed to market initiatives driven via a proprietary digital engineering framework have realized benefits for carriers