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Use VIN decode, data prefill and TruckBody IQ™ to integrate accurate, reliable commercial vehicle data into your existing business systems, driving faster decisions, competitive advantages and profitability. 

For over 100 years, companies have relied on Price Digests to streamline decisions and manage risk.  Today, we are a proud partner in the Duck Creek OnDemand Vendor Ecosystem.

Price Digests VIN prefill provides automated detailed specs and full market value for the complete truck, not just the chassis, to further reduce premium leakage while increasing revenue. With our exclusive TruckBody IQ™ API endpoint for commercial trucks, build even more intelligence into your everyday workflow.

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Work with the market leader providing the most comprehensive API-based commercial vehicle data and intelligence solutions available today. Our nationally recognized solutions provide accurate VIN verification and prefill, including proper vehicle identification, Original Cost New, full specifications, and unbiased market valuations.

Mitigate risk of under-quoting commercial vehicles. Insurance companies have been known to under-insure up to 65% of commercial trucks because they don’t know the value of what’s sitting on the chassis of an incomplete truck. With TruckBodyIQ™ from Price Digests, you automatically generate a more accurate original cost new (OCN) or Actual Cash Value (ACV) for complete commercial trucks, allowing you to capture and insure the full value.

Access full specifications without leaving your existing business system. Everyone is more efficient when you streamline and automate the quoting process with fast and reliable API integration.  Lighting fast response times returning data under 400 milliseconds.

Price Digests’ RESTful API solution written in JSON is built on top of the industry’s leading cloud provider, Amazon Web Services, allowing for full security compliance.


Full vehicle specifications including key indicator fields for Complete/Incomplete vehicles, Trucks (GVW) and Truck-Tractors (GCW) and dozens more to properly categorize vehicles. Exclusive TruckBody IQ™ mitigates risk of under-quoting commercial vehicles by providing data on the full truck, not just the chassis.

Look up by VIN or Taxonomy-based Year / Manufacturer / Model searches. Includes more granular taxonomy searches based on asset classification, category, subtype and size class for additional speed and accuracy. Includes a standard set of error codes and descriptions allowing user feedback on common VIN entry errors, invalid VINs and out of scope searches.

Unbiased Market Valuations include Original Cost New (MSRP), Retail, Wholesale and Finance Values all compiled in-house.

Price Digests is a scalable single source solution.  Acquire data for the asset categories and endpoints critical for your business including Commercial Trucks, Commercial Trailers, Passenger Vehicles, Recreational Vehicles, Boats, Powersport and Grounds Maintenance Equipment.


Price Digests is a market leader for API integration, leading today’s Insurtech digital transformation to improve workflow efficiency and reduce risk.

Our Commercial Auto data solutions are used by over 60% of the Top 100 Insurance Carriers including 75% of the top 30 carriers.

Price Digests’ analysts are constantly reviewing and updating data, ensuring current data and accurate valuations. Our vast database of vehicle data is 100% compiled by our in-house analysts, sourced from established industry relationships including Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s), auction houses, dealers, and 100’s of other market observational sources.

Our proprietary four-level taxonomy provides unique insights on market factors such as overproduction, asset popularity and utilization.