Company Description Photocert is a leading expert in the authentication of digital media, from photos to PDFs, using state-of-the-art technology to automate processes that rely on such data.

Photocert’s innovative image authentication and process automation, combined with Duck Creek’s robust P&C insurance platform, delivers unparalleled security and fraud prevention, enabling straight-through processing. With Photocert’s advanced AI companies can ensure image & PDF authenticity, bolstering precision and cost savings. Together, Photocert and Duck Creek enable global insurers to combat fraud, enhance efficiency, and elevate customer satisfaction.

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  • Photocert’s All-in-One Solution: Photocert boasts proprietary authentication technology that effectively combines the power of AI leveraging contextual analysis involving GPS and timestamp data while offering a range of tests, including metadata analysis, similarity searches, web searches, tampering localization, picture-of-a-picture detection, and generative AI identification. These capabilities are accessible through our user-friendly applications, APIs, and web interfaces, facilitating seamless integration into various workflows.
  • Comprehensive Fraud Prevention for Images and PDFs: Photocert’s image authentication capabilities go beyond the industry standard, offering a comprehensive approach to fraud prevention. Being a single provider for both images and PDFs, Photocert ensures the integrity of visual content while increasing operational efficiency. This unique combination sets us apart from other solutions in the market, providing an all-encompassing solution that safeguards against fraudulent activities.
  • Inspection Process Automation: We revolutionise the inspection landscape through our white-label applications, seamlessly integrated with our cutting-edge authentication technology. Photocert customizes each journey to align with specific workflows, all while harnessing the power of advanced technologies for automation. For instance, their use cases for the insurance sector, such as motor & content claims and underwriting and water leak damage assessment, exemplify our commitment to process enhancement. With the added advantage of insights gained from extensive market experience collaborating with companies applying these use cases, Photocert stands poised to offer tailored solutions that truly resonate. By digitizing and automating inspections, Photocert directly addresses the need to eliminate face-to-face assessments, ushering in a new era of efficiency and productivity for your team.
  • AI Tampering Localization: Photocert’s advanced AI algorithms precisely detect and localize image tampering, identifying areas of manipulation with accuracy. This feature helps insurers detect and prevent fraudulent claims more effectively.
  • Contextual Analysis: Utilize GPS tracking to identify inconsistencies in the claimed location, such as a photo taken 10 km away from the accident site, and ensure the picture was captured before the incident, providing accurate evidence for claims.
  • AI-Generated Image Authentication: Identify AI-generated images with confidence, providing robust security. Our system meticulously analyses metadata and images to discern AI-generated content, ensuring data integrity and authenticity.
  • Duplicate Image Identification and Picture of a Picture detection: Detect and prevent potential fraud by identifying if the image or PDF has been used in another claim, ensuring claim integrity and preventing image reuse. As for Picture-of-a-Picture Detection which refers to the identification of attacks where original images, displayed on screens or printed materials, are captured again through photography or other means.
  • Photocert’s cutting-edge technology ensures reliable validation of photos and PDFs, offering robust authentication for all your digital media needs.
  • Photocert’s photo authentication optimizes claims processing by swiftly validating digital media. Their AI technology, coupled with experience and knowledge of insurance use cases, enables seamless automation of processes, enhancing efficiency and reducing fraud risks.
  • Photocert’s proprietary authentication technology leverages AI, allowing us to conduct a comprehensive suite of over 20 rigorous tests, affirming image authenticity with near bulletproof accuracy. This innovation ensures the authentication of photos & PDFs alike.
  • Photocert proactively embraces the shift towards digital processing, supporting insurers in efficient and secure claims processes with expert image authentication. Their easy integration and experience with large insurers and their challenges make us a reliable partner in navigating the evolving insurance landscape.