Hi Marley

The first intelligent conversational platform built for P&C insurance to deliver simple, lovable protection by enhancing the way carriers and policyholders communicate.

Hi Marley makes it simple for policyholders to connect with reps via text, cutting through communication inefficiencies. Hi Marley connects policyholders with the whole ecosystem of service providers, enabling them to seamlessly communicate.

The Hi Marley Insurance Cloud integration with Duck Creek Claims enhances communication and information sharing between adjusters and policyholders. Duck Creek users are enabled with an integrated experience, secure compliance measures and increased workflow efficiencies by tapping into the capabilities of our intelligent conversational platform.

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  • Seamless Adjuster Experience – Operators can utilize Hi Marley functionality directly within Duck Creek Claims to create cases, send automated messages, receive media files and more.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency – Features such as shared case notes, scheduled messages, and automatic transcript upload eliminate duplicative administrative actions.
  • Continued Policyholder Satisfaction – Efficient communication via a single text thread keeps customers informed, delighted and loyal.
  • Initiate text contact and create Hi Marley cases by lines of business or brands
  • Capture SMS opt-in/opt-out status for TCPA compliance
  • Control claim assignment and reassignment
  • Utilize scheduled messages to optimize workflows
  • Save conversation transcripts and media files through file notes
  • Manage secondary operators for claim collaboration
  • Access the Hi Marley web app with a single click for analytics and more
  •  Record Hi Marley messages and case status updates in real-time
  • Sync closure of the claim and conversation with simple configuration
  • Hi Marley is built for the insurance industry by people who know and love insurance. We understand the complexities of the industry and run towards them.
  • We are proud to partner with over 90 innovative, customer-focused insurance providers.
  • Hi Marley aligns with insurance-focused partners who share our passion for increasing efficiency, reducing costs and improving the experience for customers and carrier employees.
  • Hi Marley’s Insurance Advisory Council is comprised of industry executives with experience leading claims, customer experience, innovation and technology to help guide the company’s product and go-to-market strategies.
  • Our unique conversational data provides insurers with unmatched customer insights, benchmarks and competitive intelligence.