Eviden is a global leader in data-driven, trusted, and sustainable digital transformation with an annual revenue of $5.3 billion. It brings deep expertise with 57,000 personnel serving all industries in more than 53 countries. Eviden has 6,000+ insurance professionals with 900+ Insurance Product platform experts serving 30+ insurers.

Eviden has developed a robust library of accelerators to complement the Duck Creek Suite and speed and simplify customer projects. Our dedicated, Duck Creek Center of Excellence and an Agile based global delivery model have helped us deliver 170+ implementations for leading P&C carriers.

In 2022, Eviden won the Duck Creek Innovation Award for OnDemand Enablement Tooling initiative.

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  • 6,000+ dedicated insurance personnel
  • 400+ Duck Creek personnel, including over 50 Duck Creek University certified professionals as part of their Duck Creek Center of Excellence
  • Core-flex, agile teams for accelerated deployment
  • 75+ implementation accelerators and frameworks dedicated to Duck Creek Suite, for requirement analysis, implementation, integration, and testing
  • Agile development enabled by Factory approach – skill-based teams with starter kits for multiple lines of business
  • Premier level systems integrator
  • Proven global rollout and upgrade capabilities for the Duck Creek product suite including Policy, Billing, Claims and Insights
  • Focus on upgrade and OnDemand Enablement Tooling
  • Successful Duck Creek rollouts for 25+ leading insurers
  • Developed unique parallel execution methodology, allowing ongoing enhancements in parallel with upgrades