Compex’s digital end-to-end record retrieval process supports the shift to lower-touch claims, reducing the time it takes to obtain and summarize any type of records, including: medical, billing, films, phone, insurance, and more.

Compex is the nation’s leading record retrieval provider serving insurance carriers to provide record retrieval, summarization, IME interface, and deposition reporting. We empower our clients to make faster, more informed decisions by streamlining across claims, legal, and third parties. Compex’s end-to-end digital process supports the shift to lower-touch claims, reducing the time it takes to obtain and uncover insights from any type of record.

Founded in 1972, Compex leads the industry in years of experience, technology, and client service. With 36 offices nationwide, Compex obtains records in all 50 states and abroad. Our leadership in geographic reach and technological innovation make Compex well-known for improving efficiency, simplifying processes, and delighting our customers.

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Compex is the leading record retrieval provider nationally operating in all 50 states, Canada, and Mexico, serving thousands of law firms and leading insurance companies

Supports virtual and low-touch claims handling

Streamlines processes across claims, legal, and third parties

Modernizes with a digital, end-to-end process


Order records faster with claim information automatically pre-populated

View real-time order status and receive records in your Duck Creek solution or directly into your document management platform

Add time-saving services such as chronological organization and medical and billing summaries

Send records and films to law firms, IME’s, Authentic4D, and other third parties


Nearly 50 years of deep domain knowledge on jurisdictional requirements and helping insurance carriers scale record retrieval operations nationally

Cutting-edge technology and insights tools to improve adjuster workflows

Partnership-driven approach to customize solution plans for our clients and identify and resolve pain points

Expertise in streamlining across claims, legal, and third parties to improve workflow across the entire business