Coherent is a global software as a service (SaaS) company fast becoming the ubiquitous standard for consuming and converting business logic from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Coherent Spark converts business logic (rules, calculations, and data) from any Excel file into an application programming interface (API) to connect to other applications, including policy administration systems. This integration will empower customers to retain rating workbooks and seamlessly pass Excel-based data into Duck Creek Policy to issue policies immediately.

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Improves process time of development and testing—for faster speed to market and return on investment in moments, not months

Improves how business and IT teams work together—update, test, and deploy hundreds of thousands of calculations from Excel without coding


Excel-to-API conversion–empowers business teams to generate fully functional application programming interfaces (APIs) in a matter of seconds, no coding experience required.

Auditability – the management console gives real-time monitoring and direct traceability from API to original spreadsheet. Every rule and change is tracked and dated, meaning continuous documentation for easy auditing.


20+ credentialed actuaries across all practice areas—helping to drive product development and enhancements to benefit insurance customers

Named to The Insurtech 100 in 2021 (