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Claimatic +


Claimatic is a SaaS-based intelligent automated claims triage, routing, and assignment technology that instantly matches claims with optimal internal and external claims handling resources. Using live dynamic data such as location tracking, license management, skill sets, and calendar/availability, Claimatic performs the complex task of evaluating thousands of iterative decisions in seconds. This technology is built to enhance existing claims management systems, not to replace them.

  • ↓ 22% operations cost means less manual effort and fewer reassignments
  • ↑ 25% Net Promoter Score leads to insured satisfaction and first-time right resource
  • ↓ 14% Policy churn – quick first contact, faster processing
  • Claimatic’s Plain English Business Rules provides end-user empowered rules definition and optimization
  • Leveraging multi-dimensional claim assignment, Claimatic assigns the right resource on the first time leading to reduced cycle time and higher NPS
  • Custom real-time dashboards provide critical metrics and insights
  • Rule Optimization Sandbox plays “What if?” scenarios for improved assignment yield
  • Claimatic’s advanced mapping and territory assignment aims to decrease drive distance
  • Claimatic specializes in routing and assigning thousands of claims in complex workflows in seconds
  • Assigning claims when the availability, capacity, license, expertise, and location of the adjuster matters
  • Customizing workflows based on any policyholder, claim, and adjuster attributes