Akur8 is transforming insurance pricing with Transparent AI, by automating the rate-making process while retaining complete control of the process and the output.

Akur8’s proprietary machine learning algorithms automate rate modeling while preserving control and transparency throughout the process. We replace the manual processes of legacy solutions and the need to build and maintain large code bases through custom R/Python developments, while maintaining an output that is understandable & auditable.

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Akur8 accelerates your speed-to-accuracy by 10X without sacrificing transparency & control. Your team can focus on decision-making and fine-tuning, rather than on model construction and data-engineering.

Akur8 minimizes costly compliance issues and risk of adverse selection thanks to a better governance over the rate making process.

Our collaboration-focused platform and intuitive interface designed for actuaries ensures easy transitions between your team members, faster ramp-ups, and continuity between projects.

Get started with zero IT implementation effort thanks to a seamless integration within your environment and the Duck Creek Suite.


Akur8 is a cloud-based, SaaS-native solution that automates GAM/GLM modeling with proprietary machine learning algorithms that took years of R&D to develop.

Akur8’s RISK product enables precise and automated cost-based predictive modeling. This includes interaction automation, integrated geographic smoothing, dislocation analysis, data visualization, and much more. The output is fully transparent and production-ready.

Akur8’s MARKET INSIGHTS & IMPACT ANALYSIS product enables demand-side analysis including conversion analysis, price elasticity insights and scenario analysis.


Akur8’s data science team has built proprietary machine-learning algorithms designed to automate the rating process

The Akur8 solution was developed by actuarial experts and is custom-built for actuaries, enabling them to make better decisions faster

Akur8 has been recognized in Sonr’s 2020 Insurtech 100, Fintech Global’s Insurtech 100, and in Oxbow Partners’ InsurTech Impact 25