The Duck Creek Suite

is a complete end-to-end insurance offering composed of industry-leading solutions that can be implemented together or standalone. Our Suite includes full-featured policy, rating, billing, and claims solutions that are essential to P&C insurers. Additional capabilities include rules and product definition and configuration, as well as product templates, document management, and sales enablement tools. The Duck Creek Suite and each of its individual solutions can be implemented in a traditional on-premises deployment or via Duck Creek OnDemand (SaaS), where all system management and maintenance is handled by Duck Creek.

Growing business is hard enough. Wrestling with disparate systems shouldn’t be part of the challenge. A single, unified suite of products can take inconsistency, poor integration, and lack of transparency off of a carrier’s list of worries. The Duck Creek Suite adapts quickly and smoothly to handle the unique needs of insurers of all sizes, and drives continuous business improvement throughout the entire insurance lifecycle. Our Suite drives improved customer service and lower expenses by enabling businesses to configure rule changes independently and transact lines of business and process claims more efficiently, thus freeing valuable resources to focus on strategic IT projects. It allows insurers to serve their customers, agents, and brokers better through customized, streamlined processing.
The Duck Creek Suite has off-the-shelf functionality built on web-enabled, service-oriented, event-based architecture, which can support insurers of all sizes – whatever new innovations may come along. Implementing two or more Duck Creek products unlocks our “suite advantage,” providing optimal benefits needed to manage your business, reduce risk and costs, and respond quickly to capitalize on changes in the marketplace.

Duck Creek Suite advantages:
  • Centralized management offers more payment options, streamlines processes, improves collection rates and facilitates consistency across an insurer’s enterprise
  • Single point of change enables updates to be completed once and reflected throughout integrated systems
  • One-click summary displays customer account information in a single location, providing easy access to policy details when responding to billing inquiries
  • Advanced reporting capabilities allow businesses to define and measure their financial views in a customized, efficient manner
  • Reduce costs by streamlining implementation and eliminating multi-system maintenance
  • Use wizard features and tools to create and maintain products from planning to automated regression testing
  • Modify products and route approvals through our customizable workflows
  • Improve the customer experience and satisfaction of all software users

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