Shift Technology

Shift Technology is a provider of AI-driven decision automation and optimization solutions for the global insurance industry, helping insurers achieve faster, more accurate claims and policy resolutions.

Shift Claims Fraud Detection uses artificial intelligence to effectively identify suspicious claims with a high degree of accuracy. Alerts generated by the solution help claims handlers make more informed, data-driven decisions and take definitive action. Having these valuable alerts delivered directly to Duck Creek Claims creates new efficiencies, leading to superior customer experiences.

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  • Shift Claims Fraud Detection accurately identifies 2x the potential fraud of other solutions.
  • Shift Claims Fraud Detection provides detailed reasoning & indicators for fraud suspicion, giving investigators the information they need to investigate fraud across all lines of business.
  • Shift Claims Fraud Detection delivers significant ROI in as few as six months.
  • Shift Claims Fraud Detection’s AI-native decision engine scores each claim against an evolving library of hundreds of fraud scenarios to detect claims matching fraud patterns.
  • Shift Claims Fraud Detection is able to analyze a range of structured and unstructured data — including scanned documents, images, and videos — along with external data sources, such as location and weather information, to uncover fraudulent activities that would otherwise go undetected.
  • Shift Claims Fraud Detection AI models identify correlations within the client’s full data set, build and connect the “social networks” of related entities, and detect and extract only the most highly suspicious “sub-networks” within the larger networks.
  • Shift Claims Fraud Detection delivers prioritized, scored claim alerts and fraud network alerts to claims handlers and SIU investigators.
  • Shift Technology was presented Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Global Claims Solutions for Insurance Market Leadership Award
  • Shift Technology was named an SMA Top 50 InsurTech for P&C in North America.
  • Shift Technology was named to the Sonr InsurTech 100.
  • Shift Technology was named to the CB Insights FinTech 250.