Customer Communications Management

Quadient, the driving force behind the world’s most meaningful customer experiences, and Duck Creek Technologies extend omnichannel communication distribution capabilities thanks to Quadient’s orchestration and customer journey solution. Together, we empower insurers to build, deliver, and optimize every interaction throughout the entire customer lifecycle, improving business outcomes and customer experiences.

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Migrate existing technologies in weeks or months

Empower business users to make content changes in a controlled environment to ensure compliance, without reliance on IT

Optimize real-time omnichannel communications guided by the customer journey

Quick access to archive and retrieval of communications


Deliver omnichannel experiences via the channels your customers prefer

Enable business users to work in a controlled environment for quick changes to communications

Manage claims communications with a guided expert for claims managers and reps

Gain visibility into customer behaviors to orchestrate a seamless claims experience


Backed by the experts: Leadership in Gartner, Forrester, Aspire reports

Proven results with 97% customer satisfaction rate

Quadient serves 17 of the top 30 global insurance organizations

Over 350 developers enhancing our CCM portfolio