ISG provides claim and litigation support services, including Investigation, Medical (IME and Peer Reviews) and Record Management, to help insurance and legal communities achieve better claim outcomes.

ISG is a national company offering a combination of Investigation, Medical and Record Management Solutions. ISG is unique because our solutions complement each other with proven results impacting claim outcomes. The Duck Creek and ISG partnership enables clients to refer and manage a case directly within the claim system.

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  • ISG’s Investigation, Medical and Record Management Solutions, especially when combined can result in improved program compliance, more effective communication and critical time savings resulting in better claim outcomes.
  • ISG’s solutions offer adjusters and administrators the ability to save hours of work per claim, thereby reducing costs and empowering client resources to focus on higher value activities.
  • This ISG/Duck Creek partnership allows clients the ability to streamline the claims process through advanced technology allowing for efficiency gains.
  • ISG is proud of their industry-leading metrics and results, but what truly makes ISG different is their values. ISG is unlike any claim and litigation support company you’ve ever known. ISG’s passion for doing the right thing means they do not cut corners, they put people first and deliver high quality services.
  • An adjuster can seamlessly order investigations and medical and record management referrals from a single location within the claim system. You can also access reports and organized records directly from within Duck Creek.
  • ISG conducts unparalleled, real-time credentialing and oversight of their provider panels.
  • ISG programs offer superior coordination between medical appointments and investigative efforts.
  • ISG has an in-house record retrieval operations team that supports litigation, medical management and claims investigations.
  • ISG utilizes a consultative approach to assist their clients to enable these system integrations as quickly and simply as possible resulting in faster and measurable efficiency gains, cost synergies and visibility into total claims outcomes.
  • ISG’s technology has served as an accelerator to support their clients in achieving optimal results. Their proprietary, secure technology solutions are developed and maintained in house giving them complete flexibility to integrate and adapt to their client’s needs.
  • The ingenuity and creative nature of their team allows for continuous innovation and client service execution.
  • ISG has been in business for 25 years. They’re not only invested in their employees but in their clients and the broader industry. As such, ISG invests in accreditations and associations that bring value and outside validity to their organization.