Insurance Data Services

Improve your business with premium data. Experian’s data and tools help you make the right decisions, offer the best quotes, and avoid fraudulent claims whatever field of insurance you’re in.

Applying trusted, tested and robust insurance risk solutions is vital to protect your bottom line, but assessing which customers to insure, and which products to offer them, doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right data, you can keep potential risk to a minimum.

Retaining a loyal customer base means being responsive and efficient when processing claims. With comprehensive data and tools like Experian’s, you’ll be ready to react at a moment’s notice.

No two cases or customers are the same, and sometimes the path forward isn’t clear. But by informing your decision making with the strongest data sets possible your business can work smarter, faster, and protect your bottom line.

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15 million transactions processed and enriched by Experian’s iCache platform per day

2.5 billion data points used in Experian’s ExPin matching processes

Over 600 Sources feed into Experian’s consumer credit bureau data every month


Experian iCache provides the data and insight needed to make the right decision for you in a competitive market, and an immediate and accurate quote your customer – in under 200 milliseconds

We offer you a range of data sets, from Credit, ID and Fraud through to Auto, Affordability and Commercial with additional Credit Scorecards to help you make decisions even quicker

Over 100 connections to the insurance industry and its suppliers. PowerCurve Strategy Manager decides which data sources to use and what scores to generate. This provides you with a tool to configure your own bespoke outputs unique to your business – enabling you to independently react to market and competitive conditions in a compliant way, at speed.


We provide 23 consumer and 12 commercial credit bureaux, via 44 operations in 6 continents

We hold credit data on 1.3bn consumers and 166m businesses for 44 countries across the world

We process 128m pre-qualification enquiries a month and support over 3.25bn credit decisions annually

We have a direct relationship with over 110m consumers in UK, USA and Brazil helping them to proactively manage their credit score

Five consecutive years as one of Forbes’ World’s Most Innovative Companies’