How Property & Casualty Insurers Deliver a Better Customer Experience Through Better Communications

From real-time generation of claims correspondence to fully-automated, batch generation of policies, Cincom helps insurers streamline the design, deployment, delivery and management of high-volume, personalized communications – print and digital. Our intuitive platform seamlessly integrates with Duck Creek to help insurers deliver a better customer experience through better communications.

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  • Accelerate time-to-market by 90%. Business users appreciate our intuitive user interface that makes it easy to shift communication template development and maintenance from overburdened IT departments to business users’ desktops.
  • Realize cost savings of up to 80%. IT professionals value the single platform for high-volume batch production (e.g., policies), real-time interactive communication generation (e.g., claims correspondence) and on-demand applications (e.g., notifications) along with effortless integration with legacy systems via web services.
  • Reduce errors to near zero. External data can be accessed in real-time directly, and seamlessly from other applications or databases for pre-populating workflows, triggering data-driven logic and content inclusion/exclusion, template completion and output processing.
  • Reduce compliance risk. Ensure accuracy and compliance with comprehensive testing and management facilities built directly in the template design environment, including multi-level hierarchal review/approval workflow, “where used” search, edit “locking” of content components, version control, check-in/check-out, and comprehensive impact analysis that allows template authors to easily track and highlight what/where changes affect other templates or components within the central repository.
  • Cincom makes designing your communication templates easy! With Cincom, you have the flexibility to create communication templates using either embedded Microsoft Word for content creation and formatting elements such as bold, italics, images, charts and fonts; a Microsoft Visio-like interface that provides an object-oriented approach to embedding rules logic, structure and workflow; and a “digital” view that streamlines the design of fully responsive electronic communications like email, SMS/text, portals and mobile.
  • Cincom makes deploying communication production easy! Cincom eliminates a myriad of disjointed applications and creates a streamlined communications process across your organization. With one integrated system, you can create personalized correspondence in real time, high-volume batch documents on scheduled intervals, or have other core applications trigger the production of communications on-demand. Rapid deployment is assured via web services and field-proven technologies that provide fast and efficient integrations with all of your existing applications and databases.
  • Cincom makes delivering communications easy! Cincom helps you easily deliver a variety of personalized communications via any delivery channel your customers demand. In fact, each template you create can produce a printed document, an email, SMS/text or a PDF that can be posted to web portals or made available in your mobile app. And, you can generate communications in real time, or defer them to later to save time, resources and costs.
  • Cincom makes managing your communications easy! By feeding your existing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, like Hyland OnBase or IBM FileNet, with comprehensive metadata for every communication produced, you can automatically store and index all of your generated communications based upon the parameters you establish. Metadata for every communication is passed directly to your enterprise content management system to power records management as well as search and retrieval capabilities that help your customer-facing representatives locate previously generated communications quickly and effectively.
  • Focus on Customer Relationships. 98% of Cincom installations have remained Cincom customers.
  • Customer-Driven Development. More than 80% of enhancements have come from customers; 10% analyst-driven; 10% technology-driven
  • CCM and Insurance Focused Expertise. Averaging over 18 years’ experience, Cincom’s professionals are the most experienced in the industry.
  • Delivering a Lower Cost of Acquisition. While our software licensing costs may be in line with other vendors, our professional services costs (typically 25% to 30% of initial software license costs) are dramatically lower since extensive programming resources aren’t necessary to deploy and train.