Identifying $300,000 of Leakage within a Year: Streamlining Reinsurance Operations at New Mexico Mutual


Automate and modernize reinsurance operations. 

Assure quick and accurate bill and financial statement computations. 

Implement standardized, fully auditable processes. 


Discovered $300,000 in leakage during the first year with Duck Creek Reinsurance Management. 

Enabled real-time, user-friendly billing to expedite reinsurer payments. 

Boosted reporting confidence, enhancing reinsurer relationships. 

At New Mexico Mutual, we needed a better way to manage our 20+ year reinsurance contracts and streamline our reinsurance processing. Duck Creek was a comprehensive solution that enhances our data reliablity and reporting.

Kellie Mixon
Vice President & CFO,
New Mexico Mutual

The Challenges

  • Reliance on Manual Contracts
    With over 20 years of manual contracts and dozens of spreadsheets, there was significant opportunity for human error.
  • Increasing Complexity
    Reinsurance contracts were becoming more complex, making it more difficult to identify claims eligible for reinsurance recoveries.
  • Limited Staff
    The staff capacity was insufficient to monitor multiple writing companies, transactions, and claims while also creating bills and regulatory reports.

The Solutions

  • Implemented Duck Creek Reinsurance Management to streamline operations. 
  • Automated calculation and reporting processes to ensure reliability and promptness. 
  • Ensured process standardization for better transparency and auditing.  

The Impacts

Financial Accuracy

Detected over $300,000 of actual and potential leakages in the first year.

Improved Billing

Real-time billing generation has become more straightforward, promoting payment within 90 days.

Better Reporting and Relationships

Enhanced confidence in reporting has improved relationships with reinsurers.

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