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Leveraging digital to transform the customer journey

April 5, 2021

When thinking about claims and how operating models impact the customer journey, it is important to keep things simple – and digital. This was the key theme during the latest TINtech webinar with panellists Bart Patrick from Duck Creek Technologies and Jeremy Trott from Ecclesiastical Insurance Group.

Hosted by TINtech’s Jeremy Burgess, the discussions delved into the claims operating model and how – spurred on by the pandemic – the cultural response from the industry to meet customer demands has changed. This is good news for UK consumers, who for the last few years have come to expect mobile-friendly access, instant results, and reliable customer service.

“Technology can provide a huge amount of benefit if used correctly, and even the most traditional of customers have started thinking digitally,” Trott says. “But it is important to remember that whatever technology you have, your team has got to buy into it, engage with it, and understand it in order to be able to deliver that excellent customer experience.”

“Having a legacy system is never going to work when you want to plug in modern technology,” Trott adds. “So, when investing in a new system, ask your provider how easy it is to link in other technologies. This is really important.”

“It is an interlock between what modern technology can do for you, how that technology is deployed, the expectations around customer journeys, and what customers really want,” Patrick says. “But it is also about the ability of operations to adapt to the new technology and customer expectations. My recommendation is to simplify: that will give you access to the technology you need in order to have these new customer journeys.”

“The technology is there; what you have to do as an insurer is decide what you want to be known for – then line up the technology behind it. Don’t be pushed into using something just because it is there,” he added.

Click here to listen to the webinar.

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