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Digitally Empowered Sales Agent Meets Savvy Online Policy Shopper

November 23, 2022

This era of digital transformation has created a demand for self-service and an expectation of immediate assistance. Lengthy email exchanges or long wait times for a call center rep are now a thing of the past. Policy shoppers expect assistance when, where and how they want it, and if they don’t get that, they take their search elsewhere.

Today’s Policy Shopper (Joe) Is on An Urgent Mission

Joe is today’s digitally savvy online policy shopper, browsing the insurance company’s website in search of a homeowner’s policy. Joe begins filling out an online form to request a quote, and then stops. With a home near the coast, Joe is not sure if he needs coverage for flood insurance and is at risk of abandoning the process.

Visitor detection technology alerts Mary (a licensed, digitally empowered sales agent) that Joe has paused for more than 30 seconds on the question regarding flood insurance. Joe receives a proactive pop-up message on screen, “Hi, I am Mary. It looks like you may have a question regarding the application. Would you like to chat with me to complete the Digital Customer Service Personalizes the Policy Holder Experience application?”

Digital Customer Service Personalizes the Policy Holder Experience

For Joe, help from a licensed insurance agent, is now literally in front of him on his screen. Mary utilizes the cutting-edge digital engagement technology adopted by her company to provide a personalized experience to policy shoppers like Joe with the goal of making them loyal customers for years to come.

Mary Reduces Friction with Context-Based Assistance

Joe doesn’t need to spend time explaining where he is in the application process as Mary can leverage Live Observation, a feature that allows her to see Joe’s screen the moment they connect. Even better, Mary can offer to CoBrowse, empowering her to help Joe navigate through a few of the more complex portions of the form and help with selections and data entry if required.

Joe is pleased to have the help he needs and begins chatting with Mary. As Mary learns more about Joe’s coverage needs, she can seamlessly transition the chat conversation to an audio conversation or live video as needed.

The Underwriter Joins the Call

When Joe explains to Mary that the roof of his house might not be in the best condition, Mary utilizes the digital platform to bring an underwriter from the help desk into the call who can assess Joe’s information about the roof. The underwriter is then able to leverage the tools available to them to provide additional advice on options and an accurate quote in real time — handing back to the agent to guide the consumer through the rest of the application and submission.

With a qualified agent like Mary available to answer his questions and address his concerns right on his computer, Joe gains confidence that he is making the right decisions on coverage selections. For Mary, delivering a personalized, low friction, policy shopping experience for Joe holds the key to generating and retaining customers for years to come.

Benefits of Digital Customer Service for Customers, Agents and Underwriters

Implementing Digital Customer Service is a true win-win-win for policy shoppers, agents, and underwriters. Your policy shoppers get a personalized experience that leads to faster, more accurate quotes. Your sales agents become proactive sellers, equipped with digital tools to help them guide applicants through the process more efficiently and effectively. Your underwriters are able to resolve issues during the application process, not after submission, accelerating closure of policy sales.

As carriers have rolled out self-service functionality to align to these new expectations from customers, they must also consider how they’re digitally supporting them through the process. Duck Creek Digital Customer Service powered by Glia enables carriers to leverage real-time chat, CoBrowsing, screen-sharing, voice, video, and AI-powered bots to serve your producers and customers when, where, and how they need it. To learn more about how you can accelerate your P&C sales with this solution, read our white paper.

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