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Chubb Small Commercial Marketplace Draws Media Attention, Collects Industry Awards

May 29, 2018

Chubb SCI is enjoying a moment in the sun. In addition to winning a 2018 Celent Model Insurer Award for its intuitive new digital platform, the insurer has been gaining media attention from Digital Insurance, two stories from Coverager, and has recently launched new videos highlighting its efforts and achievements around simplifying life for its agents and insureds.

Chubb describes the Small Commercial Marketplace as a leap forward in small commercial insurance workflows. The platform, which was built for – and in consultation with – independent agents, uses Duck Creek Technologies’ Policy, Rating, and other products to make it easy for agents to quote, issue, and service their small business accounts from one place. For insureds, there’s a companion site to view and pay bills, update contact information, and view policy details.

Bennett C. Verniero (left) and Jim Williamson of Chubb North America accept the 2018 Celent Model Insurer Award in the Digital and Omnichannel Technologies segment for Chubb’s intuitive new digital platform – the Chubb Small Commercial Marketplace® (PRNewsfoto/Chubb)

“It doesn’t look and feel like a business app,” explains BC Verniero, SVP, Business Solution Architecture at Chubb. “We put in a lot of things that are consumer-esque. We put trending technology around articles and topics. There are notifications, like from your iPhone, when your referral is done. ‘Recently visited,’ ‘people like you,’ and those sorts of consumer things are built right in.”

As a result, the interface is simple, friendly, and familiar. Verniero says the company did virtually no training as it rolled out the Small Commercial Marketplace to its agency partners and agents. “It’s intuitive. This whole concept of an account, versus individual products, manifests in the ability to quote multiple products for a single account in a sequential session. It’s really helpful. They can issue an entire account in one click, and there’s a single bill. This feeling of ‘oneness’ is a big deal.”

Celent’s annual Model Insurer Awards recognize the best practices of technology usage in different areas critical to success in insurance and satisfying customer expectations.

“We are proud to receive this honor from Celent,” said Jim Williamson, Division President, Small Commercial Insurance, Chubb North America. “This award validates our commitment to innovation and making it easier for independent agents to offer their clients Chubb’s exceptional small business insurance solutions.”

Donald Light, Director of Celent’s P&C practice for North America, says, “Our honorees serve as an inspiration to those looking for strong examples of best practice implementation that will have a truly meaningful impact on business results and the industry overall. The Chubb Small Commercial Marketplace clearly demonstrated that.”

For a more detailed look at the Chubb Small Commercial Marketplace, please visit Coverager’s “Chubb Creates a Happy Place for Agents.”

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