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2019 Product Enhancements – A Year In Review

January 29, 2020

As a leading SaaS provider to the P&C insurance industry, Duck Creek delivers product enhancements as soon as they are available, a practice that is standard among SaaS vendors across all industries. In 2019, we continued to operate by that standard and delivered nearly 50 enhancements in this nimble fashion and not as large waterfall release packages.

In this blog post, we want to highlight the introduction of new products to the Duck Creek family of solutions and key enhancements to existing offerings that were made available in 2019. Our goals with these enhancements were to improve user experiences, increase speed to market, and create operational efficiencies.

Platform: Enhancements to the Duck Creek Platform’s low-code configuration capabilities that allow carriers to create world-class user experiences with minimal IT involvement:

  • New Page Builder tooling for drag-and-drop configuration of UIs
  • A new Duck Creek Design System, providing an extensible library of pre-designed styles, widgets, and other front-end tools created to accelerate UX development
  • Built-in search and index capabilities
  • Compatibility mode and conversion utilities to help customers continue to use their existing UX while transitioning to newly-available capabilities

Policy: A more streamlined and effective UX for Duck Creek Policy that leverages new Duck Creek Platform capabilities to make back-end user experiences more intuitive and efficient.

Billing: New back-end rules/processes increase the accuracy of policy term data that is maintained within both Duck Creek Billing and Duck Creek Policy during pending cancellation transactions.

Claims: New APIs that enable more efficient configurations and implementations have been introduced. In addition, a more configurable user experience improves usability and decision-making by allowing for more detailed information to be provided to claims handlers.

Insights: Duck Creek Insights includes iterative monthly enhancements to Duck Creek Data Hub (SSIS Packages, Extract Mapper, and Data Management Platform); Duck Creek Business Analytics and Reporting (Data Mart, SSRS Reports, and Power BI Reports); and Balancing and Controls areas, in addition to supporting documentation links and enhancement-specific updates.

Digital Engagement: Duck Creek for Salesforce launched on the Salesforce AppExchange, a configuration-driven solution that allows Duck Creek core insurance processes and pre-built content to be delivered natively into a Salesforce user interface. In addition, Turnstile can now support additional state-specific forms like Cyber and Privacy lines.

Distribution Management: New methods of non-monetary compensation like conference invitations and holiday trips can be defined to enable carriers to offer additional types of incentives. We’ve also streamlined producer onboarding and compensation plan creation workflows.

Reinsurance Management: Introduced in 2019, Duck Creek Reinsurance Management is a comprehensive reinsurance management solution that allows insurance carriers to manage reinsurance partners, contracts, bills, recoveries, and payables. It supports all reinsurance structures, automates payment calculations and bill production, provides a full audit trail and analytics, and produces statements, bordereaux, cover letters, footnotes, supporting details, and more. ​

Industry Content: As always, bureau circular updates are made available 90 days prior to their effective dates and implemented across applications, with templates made available monthly. These updates continually enhance the ability to work with all lines of business, including business owners (BOP), commercial auto, commercial property, crime, general liability, inland marine, umbrella, workers compensation, and more.

Content Exchange: New and updated accelerators, samples, and Anywhere Integrations are made available frequently; 2019 was no exception, including:

  • A new Anywhere Managed Integration with OnBase by Hyland for Policy and Claims that gives carriers improved access to, and control of, documents and metadata. Time is saved by not having to search between multiple systems for this data.
  • New Anywhere Enabled Integrations from Cytora, Gradient AI, Cambridge Mobile Telematics, Terrene Labs, WeGoLook, Snapsheet, Milliman Datalytics-Defense, InsurPay, and SambaSafety.
  • A Template Rating Performance Wizard. This sample optimizes the rating performance of Commercial Package Policies with large schedules.

For our current customers, full documentation on everything we do is made available in our Solution Center as soon as it is ready, and we update this content regularly.

We will continue to deliver new capabilities, both to improve the technical foundation of the Duck Creek Platform and to add targeted functional enhancements to our applications. We look forward to a productive and successful 2020 as we continue our mission to transform the P&C insurance industry with customer-centric SaaS solutions.



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Andy Yohn
Andy is a co-founder of Duck Creek Technologies and has been involved in the design and development of the solution offerings of the company. Andy brings a solid mix of technical and business skills together through his 30+ years of working in the insurance automation industry. Andy served as founding Chief Architect of the Duck Creek Platform and currently is actively involved with product management and research and development projects. Prior to Duck Creek, Andy had a thirteen-year tenure with AMS Rating Services. Andy holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science with minors in Mathematics and Music.