Turnstile, part of our Digital Engagement product family, is a subscription carrier web service that takes in ACORD forms and returns ACORD XML for feeding point-of-sale, CRM, or policy administration systems. A clean, simple, and ultra-secure complementary service to your agent portal and agency interface, Turnstile shortens intake time, accelerates decision-making, reduces processing cost, and eliminates lost opportunities.

Sadly, widespread agent adoption of traditional upload doesn’t exist. Many agents still attach ACORD forms as PDFs and email them to carriers. On the carrier side, burdensome manual re-keying of those forms into their point-of-sale and back-end systems results in data errors, slow response times and high costs. The longer an agent has to wait on a quote, the greater the chances of that potential business disappearing for the carrier. With faster turnaround, more accurate data, and better overall service, Turnstile creates happier agents, bringing more business to your doorstep.

Because it is a hosted solution, Turnstile gives carriers access to superior data extraction capabilities directly within their own processes through a customer-unique code or API key. No onsite installation of new hardware for you or agents; no extra screens or workflow; in fact, no user interface at all. Just a simple-to-use, highly available, and ultra-secure service that integrates seamlessly with your existing systems.

Comparable PDF transformation solutions force agents to download software, or impose middleman websites. Not Turnstile. It is the only truly web-based ACORD form transformation service available, allowing carriers to build the systems and user experiences of their dreams. Hosting the solution also allows Duck Creek to proactively monitor each response and continually adjust the transformation engine, improving the quality of output going forward. With every form, Turnstile keeps getting better, and we’ve processed over a million forms to date.

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