Reinsurance Management: The biggest risk in insurance?

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I’ve just read your reinsurance risks white paper and I really enjoyed it. I thought it got to the point very well, it highlighted some important issues faced by the industry and I laughed at the particular issues I could identify with.

Senior Reinsurance Manager, Global Insurer/Reinsurer

Reinsurance is vital, reducing an insurer’s risk and empowering them to offer more coverage to more customers at a more competitive price.

Despite its importance, many insurers are using antiquated systems and methods to manage their reinsurance commitments. At a time when a strong reinsurance program has never been more important, these antiquated systems may be the biggest factor limiting an insurer’s performance and success. 

Are these antiquated methods of managing risk-reducing reinsurance now the riskiest thing in insurance; and is your business exposed?

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What are the antiquated methods and what are the risks?

Reinsurance can trace its origins back hundreds of years and, up until recently, industry change had been modest. This allowed traditional management methods to flourish.

With the sector now undergoing exponential change, these once traditional and safe methods have now become outdated and extremely risky.

These risks can affect most areas of the business and the consequences of failure can be costly.

Find out what the top antiquated methods are, and the top 8 risks.

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What will you discover?

  • The types of antiquated reinsurance management methods
  •  The top risks of using antiquated solutions
  • The major consequences when these antiquated methods fail
  • The alternative solutions
  • Real-world examples

Reinsurance Management: The biggest risk in insurance?

The top risks of using antiquated reinsurance management systems.

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Help avoid the risks and consequences.

Duck Creek Reinsurance is the modern alternative to the antiquated systems and processes still common throughout the reinsurance sector.

Cloud-based, extremely intuitive to use, smart – featuring intelligent processes, robust, regularly updated and able to naturally integrate with other core insurance systems, it will help significantly reduce the risks and consequences associated with other methods.

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