No more excuses for bad experiences.

Today’s users of insurance software, whether they are customers, producers, or employees, expect no less from their experiences than they get from ride-sharing companies or online retailers. If those expectations aren’t met, their dissatisfaction is reflected on the business one way or another.

Deliver a tailored user experience

We perform extensive user experience research to understand the goals, tasks, and pain points of each unique user and use that to inform the design of the software’s layout, navigation, and workflow.

Extend any core system’s capabilities

No matter what system you have (Duck Creek, home-grown, etc.) our Digital Engagement products can act as the front-end for any systems to create a unified and consistent experience for your users.

Eliminate dual maintenance

Single point of change capabilities enables carriers to configure rules, workflows, and user interfaces once and implement those changes across all channels simultaneously.

Digital Engagement Case Study: Eastern Alliance


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