Yovant is a premier implementer of Duck Creek solutions and cloud migrations. Yovant specializes in enabling insurers to maximize their investment in the Duck Creek platform.

Yovant leads the way to successful enterprise integration. Yovant’s founders were the first to bring Duck Creek implementations to the market. Yovant combines leadership and success with innovative and modern, blending top industry executives with accomplished emerging leaders with the knowledge, skill and drive to successfully implement Duck Creek solutions so insurers achieve maximum value using the platform

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The Yovant team is highly experienced with the Duck Creek platform. Made up of architects, engineers and analysts with deep Duck Creek experience, this team can optimize the solution to ensure insurers achieve maximum value and realize their investment.

Founders of Yovant include Paul Manning, who architected the Duck Creek billing system, and Sam McGuckin and Prabir Panda who built TCube Solutions which focused on Duck Creek implementations.

Yovant’s professional services resources are experts at migrating on-premises solutions to the cloud.


 Yovant optimizes the Duck Creek solution for maximum value through its integration with the digital enterprise.

Yovant expertly migrates on prem systems to the Duck Creek cloud solution.

The Yovantage® approach means the most efficient and effective implementation and utilization of Duck Creek technologies.


Yovant founders and team members are Duck Creek experts with years of experience implementing and optimizing the Duck Creek platform.

Yovant’s team of senior-level industry professionals have joined the firm to leverage their years of experience with the Duck Creek platform in order to bring value through expertise and optimization to every project, company, and to the insurance industry.

Yovant partners with NTT Data to provide seamless integration between your core and digital applications.