World Programming

Providing WPS Analytics software and services, helping insurance companies to modernise, save money and focus on moving data science and analytics into the cloud.

World Programming is a UK-based private limited company, that first started business in 2000. The company develops and distributes a software platform called WPS Analytics – an enterprise-class platform relied on by big brand insurance names around the world for mission critical back and front office data analytical tasks and applications.

Organisations of any size can DEVELOP, DEPLOY and GOVERN data analytics applications simply and seamlessly with WPS Analytics. Centralised management features help provide control and oversight of user access to data and analytics processes across developers, data scientists and business personnel.

WPS Analytics encompass a huge range of capabilities including data acquisition, data discovery, data prep, ETL, predictive modelling, machine learning, scoring, visual drag-and-drop workflows, coding, shared on-demand deployment, API publishing and analytics governance.

The software runs on all major computing platforms including mainframe, cloud, servers and desktops and can bridge platforms to share data and distribute processing. WPS Analytics has its own SAS language compiler with integrated Python, R and SQL.

Insurance Solutions:

  • Digital claims (automation) – eFNOL providing self-service claims settlement
  • Claims indemnity and Opex management – embed analytics within core operational system
  • Cyber surveillance and analytics – real-time insights into the true cyber risk exposure with a risk score to provide more accurate underwriting at policy inception
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Coherent platform for development, deployment and governance of data analytics processes

Built-in SAS language compiler

Deployment of Python, R and SAS programs to web APIs

Bridge and operate on mainframe, cloud, server and workstation


Multi-language coding in SAS, Python, R and SQL

Built-in ability to handle SAS language without any other third-party products

Data connectivity for mainframe, big data, cloud, databases, spreadsheets, web data and many more

Build drag-and-drop workflows for data processing and predictive modelling


Data acquisition, data discovery, data prep

Predictive modelling powered by machine learning


Analytics governance for data, users and processes

Deploy programs written in SAS, Python and R as web APIs

Schedule analytics processes

Access analytics using Excel, web browser, report portals, dashboards and BI systems


Over 3000 WPS Analytics implementations in over 30 countries

Expertise in the field of insurance, including pricing and claims

WPS Analytics used by two of the top three insurance companies in the world

Cloud-based solutions.