Get accurate and near-instant data on global properties via API. Property intelligence solution with the most complete data return and accuracy.

For underwriting, risk modeling, and claims. Globally. Transforming the global P&C market with its AI imaging-based technology, Tensorflight uses satellite, aerial, and ground-level imagery to automate commercial and residential property inspections and claims processing, helping underwriters with risk assessment and to better understand their portfolio exposures.

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  • Effortless Prefill. Gain the advantage of prefill for any property in our sight.
  • Seamless Integration. Both Tensorflight’s API and web app easily integrate into your existing workflows.
  • Precision and quality. Tensorflight provides accuracte and high-quality data, for you to be able to create better insurance products.
  • Rapid data access. Get the most accurate data into your platform in minutes, rather than days.
  • Property lookup for insurers and underwriters. Tensorflight gives underwriters and insurers access to rich and accurate commercial and residential property datasets to create better insurance products. Allowing timely underwriting decisions, seamlessly integrated into your underwriting workflows.
  • Straight-through processing. Bind policies faster and easier. Call Tensorflight’s API with a property address at the point of the quote. As soon as the insured enters the property address, the insurer sends Tensorflight the property address via an API.
  • Loss control optimization. Reducing the cost of in-person property inspections by 50%. Saving time for insurers and property underwriters by helping to utilize the budget better. For each property, based on information such as condition, square footage, replacement cost, and confidence values.
  • AI-based property replacement cost. Tensorflight’s solution offers both residential and commercial property replacement cost estimations. Tensorflight offers full AI automation across the whole process. Only the building address is needed.
  • A multidisciplinary team. Tetrasoft’s roots in Silicon Valley have cultivated an engineering and scientific mindset. Their team comprises AI and ML experts, PhD holders, former Googlers, and leaders from the insurance industry, all contributing their expertise.
  • Trusted by the world’s biggest insurers. Tensorflight is the choice of many of the largest global commercial property insurers including Zurich Insurance Group, QBE, and Munich RE.
  • Tensorflight is innovating alongside world-class partners to drive a change in the insurance industry. Our constantly growing partner network includes names such as Google, Airbus, Cytora, and Socotra.
  • Tensorflight has been honored by many organizations. They have secured Tech for Impact Top 1, and have been included in multiple prestigious insur-tech lists such as Instech’s Top 50 and InsureTech Top 100.