Snowflake has partnered with Duck Creek, enabling users of Duck Creek’s SaaS data management, reporting and analytics solution, Clarity, to leverage the unique capabilities of the Snowflake Data Cloud.

By combining the high scalability, flexibility, and availability of Snowflake with the Duck Creek approach to curating data and providing pre-built, supported, reference business intelligence reports, Duck Creek Clarity allows insurers to unite siloed data, discover and securely share data, power data applications, and feed data into diverse AI/ML and analytic workloads across multiple clouds and geographies. Leveraging the Snowflake platform, Clarity enables organizations to execute with intelligence and put their data to work to make smarter and faster underwriting, pricing, claims, and marketing decisions.

Organizations, including 639 of the 2023 Forbes Global 2000 as of July 31, 2023, use Snowflake to power their businesses.

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  • Snowflake’s single platform eliminates data silos and simplifies architectures, so you can get more value from your data
  • The Snowflake Data Cloud includes essential market datasets and key risk management platforms
  • Platform’s Elastic Performance Engine, and Intelligent Infrastructure scale resources to meet all teams’ needs, and eliminates overhead, maintenance and tuning of legacy environments
  • Security and Governance capabilities allow companies to consolidate dozens of environments across the enterprise, and innovate faster, while adhering to strict regulatory requirements
  • 2.4B Daily Queries – Informing strategic decisions by creating a single source of data within ecosystems
  • 1702 Marketplace Listings – Discover and browse over marketplace listings to enhance your internal data, inform decisions and drive innovation
  • 7200+ Customers – Momentum for the Data Cloud continues with customers from around the globe and across every region