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PilotFish offers insurance integration tools, experience, and technical expertise to help shorten timelines, eliminate risk, and achieve success. PilotFish tools offer comprehensive support for any format and any insurance standard.

  • Build, test, deploy, monitor, and maintain sophisticated interfaces between anything and anything – systems, applications or databases

  • Lowered IT costs, improved operational efficiency, streamlined business acquisitions, and reduced risk
  • PilotFish is the engine behind ACORD’s testing & certification facility and Lloyd’s of London’s new exchange for validating member messages based on ACORD standards

  • Supports formats and standards including ACORD (LAH, PCS, RLC, AML) AL3, CITS, CLIEDIS, DTCC, HIPAA and NAILBA
  • Graphical integrated development environment created for the express purpose of developing, testing, deploying, managing, and maintaining interfaces
  • Complete Java framework that supports the high volume, secure, run-time processing of interfaces developed using the eiConsole
  • More than 75 carriers, third party providers, and distributors have relied on PilotFish to enable the successful implementation of insurance EDI and XML standards
  • PilotFish has a perfect track record – 100% successful on-time and on-budget implementations
  • ACORD itself has licensed PilotFish software