Proactive Intelligence to Mitigate the Risks of Tomorrow

Opterrix™ is the industry’s most powerful risk intelligence platform that enables insurance carriers to proactively identify, quantify and mitigate avoidable losses. Designed by insurers for insurers, Opterrix leverages the latest advancements in meteorology, data science, AI, and cloud computing to accelerate innovation throughout the insurance value chain.

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  • Opterrix™ prevents the binding of high-risk policies and reshapes costly accumulations in real-time.
  • Opterrix™ creates a holistic view of loss activity and reduces claims cycle times and loss adjustment expenses.
  • Opterrix™ improves combined and loss ratios.
  • Opterrix™ drives customer satisfaction and policy retention.
  • Advanced Exposure Management: Opterrix™ provides real-time portfolio intelligence to optimize hyperlocal distributions of risk while monitoring threatening hazards and preventing the binding of at-risk policies.
  • Enhanced Underwriting : Opterrix™ delivers location-based risk scoring and event history for a plethora of primary and secondary perils that empower improved risk selection.
  • Proactive Claims Management: Opterrix™ monitors complex portfolios in real-time and delivers intelligent internal notifications of upcoming weather events, generates accurate claims predictions, and enables unparalleled street-level analysis for expedited claims response.
  • Customer Engagement: Opterrix™ enables insurers to deliver real-time notifications that protect, inform, and interact with policyholders to promote risk mitigation before, during, and after severe weather events.
  • Proven Innovation: Opterrix™ was designed, validated, and scaled using lean innovation principles within several top insurance companies. Our user-centric development philosophy focuses on deep industry empathy, behavioral science, best-in-class technology, and speed to value.
  • Ground-Breaking Data Science: Opterrix™ leverages the latest advancements in meteorology, data science, AI, and cloud computing to help insurers make better decisions faster, and implement proactive strategies throughout the insurance value chain.
  • Industry-Leading Engineering: Opterrix™ is a high-performance mapping and analytics architecture with unmatched web service flexibility, designed to integrate and orchestrate disparate platforms, processes, and data sources.