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Next Level Solutions

Next Level Solutions provides full stack Duck Creek implementation services, including Architectural, Technology, and Business consulting to the insurance industry. Their services include architectural solutions, quality management through a “test left” development approach, project management, business process, requirements analysis, implementation planning and execution. Next Level also utilizes a core team, including a Duck Creek Services Lead Architect, who average 10+ years of experience implementing the Duck Creek Software. This experience allows them to adhere to and recommend the best standards and development approaches for a full implementation, including ManuScript functionality as well as extensions of Duck Creek software via integrations to third party systems.

  • Senior Consultants average more than 10 years of Duck Creek implementation experience
  • Onshore development center focused on the mentorship and growth of the organization
  • Business model that brings the highest quality resources, mixed with a near-shore model, at a price competitive to offshore firms
  • Exclusively focused on the Duck Creek Suite
  • Accelerators to cut down development time and cost
  • Full understanding of the Duck Creek architecture and how it is intended to be implemented
  • A rapidly-growing U.S. base of delivery, paired with a soon-to-be-completed near-shore Puerto Rican facility
  • Managing Partner/Duck Creek Practice Lead was the Duck Creek Services Application Architect Lead
  • Core team consists of resources who have combined, direct expertise implementing Duck Creek of over 47 years including more than 20 implementations
  • Expertise in all areas of Project Service: Solutioning, Support, Enhancements, Architectural Reviews, Full Implementations