NeuralMetrics leverages intelligent technologies to facilitate accurate, contextual commercial lines underwriting and comprehensive lead management for property/casualty insurance organizations.

NeuralMetrics ( facilitates meticulous commercial lines underwriting and comprehensive lead/prospect management for property/casualty insurers. The company’s AI-powered data-aggregation platform extracts industry-compliant risk-assessment intelligence instantaneously and transparently from dynamic, public information sources. NeuralMetrics enables reliable rating classification, incisive underwriting, and precise policy pricing, plus sourcing and prequalification of desired accounts.

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  • Accuracy: Platform accuracy validated by NeuralMetrics clients and internal processes at 90 percent for risk questions and 84 percent for industry classifications across broad business categories.
  • Speed: Industry classification in a few seconds, enabling insurers to leverage NeuralMetrics technology for real-time quoting and triage.
  • Transparency: Insurers can validate each data source producing the classification by linking directly to the internet site.
  • Compliance: The solution provides access to data sources used for selection and premium decisions, helping to eliminate PII use or bias.
  • Provides highly accurate classifications for diverse businesses and industries, addressing NAICS and other insurance codes.
  • Instantly automates underwriting eligibility and quality assessments with only a customer’s name and address.
  • Ensures risk appetite fit to support account-level underwriting, drive straight-through processing, strengthen portfolio management, and energize growth for insurers.
  • Encompasses classification models built, validated, and in production — covering approximately 90 percent of NAICS codes.
  • 120+ years of combined experience in the leadership team​.
  • Clients include four of the top ten U.S. commercial lines insurers​.
  • Multiple proofs of concept authenticate underwriting efficiency and business growth for carriers, boosting digital ROI​.
  • Diverse and validated business use cases cover straight-through processing for workers’ compensation, general liability, LRO, and more.