MVP Advisory Group

MVP360® is about results, driven by the right combination of trusted advisory, oversight and resources to ensure the success of insurance programs and projects.

MVP Advisory Group is a specialized consulting firm focused exclusively on the insurance industry. Since its formation in 2013, MVP has assembled a team of experienced insurance professionals who have successfully managed and led change in all areas of insurance including underwriting, policy administration, claims, customer experience, finance, compliance, data analytics, human resources, and information technology. In addition to depth of talent, its operating principles allow MVP to create valuable partnerships which complement and leverage existing client capabilities. Core to its successful client partnerships is a commitment and focus on key areas of change where MVP provides deep expertise, including core systems selection, implementation and support, analytics and digital transformation, customer centric transformational roadmaps, program management, quality assurance, and data management.

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  • MVP’s approach leverages existing strengths of clients. The approach is nimble and disciplined to bring structure to the organization or program, while ensuring flexibility to customize the approach, team, or capabilities to complement client strategy and resources. The result is top-tier expertise paired with insurance carriers of all sizes to meet specific organizational, program, and project needs.
  • MVP engagements result in sustainable solutions, not just projects. MVP remains with insurers throughout their journeys, from initiation to successful completion.
  • MVP perpetuates business, IT, and data strategy for every engagement.
  • MVP’s approach provides clear plans of action throughout all engagements.
  • MVP’s unique staffing approach engages highly experienced project delivery professionals and leverages client expertise.
  • MVP’s approach is highly flexible for unique challenges, smaller projects, and/or smaller clients.
  • MVP’s business model leverages the depths of industry research, tools, and methodologies to meet client needs in the most cost-effective way.
  • MVP brings deep industry expertise to every engagement. MVP partners have been CIOs, CFOs, SVPs, and have held numerous additional leadership positions.
  • MVP delivery teams are experts in insurance underwriting, claims, data, and technology, averaging 20 years of industry experience. Delivery teams are highly regarded and thoroughly vetted industry professionals with successful backgrounds in project management, business and technical analysis, solution architecture, and data and analytics.
  • MVP provides the benefit of top-tier talent from leading insurance carriers and technology vendors. The result is world class, top-tier solutions accessible to all insurers, programs, and projects, regardless of size.