Surety Bond Administration

As the most widely used surety automation software vendor, Bond-Pro has not only set the industry standard, but has revolutionized the entire lifecycle of Commercial, Bid, Contract & Fidelity bonds. Together, Bond-Pro and Duck Creek empower customers with complete, end-to-end capabilities to unify Property & Casualty systems with requirements and workflows tailored for Surety.

Bond-Pro’s Total Surety Automation platform – Bond-Pro Enterprise Next Gen® – is an enterprise grade application that thoroughly addresses all aspects of Surety; from Submission, Underwriting, and Issuance to Claims, Reinsurance, Document Management, and Bond Accounting. Built for the cloud, Enterprise Bond-Pro’s mature functionality fosters reduced integration needs/costs and accelerated implementation times.

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20+ years of business and customer feedback in developing surety software that provides the most feature-rich functionality in the marketplace

76% of operating costs dedicated to further product enhancement

Bond-Pro has become the de facto standard among Surety carriers, brokers & agencies, overcoming both the business & technical hurdles, and achieving the scale necessary to facilitate B2B transactions between surety insurers and producers


Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) that streamlines integration and interoperability with other enterprise systems and supports data connections from multiple parties in multiple ways including Accounting, Claims, Policy, CRM, and Document Management Systems in addition to legacy/homegrown systems

Completely automated underwriting, processing, delivery and payment of thousands of bond types based on credit scores, financials, and industry risk profiles

Producers and principals can easily submit bond and account requests, make payments, and instantly receive fully executed bond documents


Bond-Pro employees all have extensive experience and domain expertise in surety, insurance, and software development

Have completed ten software development life cycles and invested 500,000+ development hours