Artigem, a 25-year industry legacy has contents & jewelry solutions for claims and offers a scheduled personal property solution for underwriting and agent markets.

Artigem’s SpeedCheck solution solves an industry wide problem: jewelry appraisal values are never updated throughout the policy lifecycle causing over 60% of policyholders to be under-insured. SpeedCheck updates appraisal values and can annually update them before renewals.

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  • SpeedCheck creates an immediate lift in premium for current scheduled jewelry items.
  • SpeedCheck allows agents to easily write new business without requiring an updated jewelry appraisal.
  • SpeedCheck actively updates the value of scheduled items year after year without requiring human intervention.
  • SpeedCheck offers the most accurate insured to value in the industry.
  • SpeedCheck updates the current scheduled personal property to real-time market value.
  • SpeedCheck can be used at point of sale with agents allowing them to take any documentation from a new customer. Even if the appraisal is 10+ years old!
  • SpeedCheck can update an existing book of scheduled personal property upon policy renewal.
  • SpeedCheck integrates seamlessly with Duck Creek to pull appraisal data, update the value, and push a new appraisal back into Duck Creeks policy management system.
  • 23+ years of experience with jewelry and personal property insurance claims.
  • 3rd & 4th generation jewelers providing world class customer service.
  • Market leader with 60% market share within the jewelry claims space.
  • Inventor of multiple platforms for the personal property insurance space.