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Aggne is a digital transformation company that believes that technology should be empowering, not burdensome. Aggne provides innovative technology solutions that get your Duck Creek implementations and upgrades up and running in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost associated with conventional staff augmentation methodologies.

Aggne’s staff are engineers, Duck Creek and insurance industry subject matter experts (SMEs), executives, developers, systems administrators, DevOps gurus, AI experts, and visionaries who truly believe that your organization has higher-priority concerns than managing its IT or IT contractors. IT should simplify, elevate, encourage, and accelerate your business. Aggne’s solutions leverage the power of advanced automation and artificial intelligence technology to remove administrative barriers, lower costs, lower risk, ensure compliance, make your Duck Creek implementations more responsive and powerful, and slingshot your organization to meet and exceed its goals.

  • Aggne’s staff includes Duck Creek SMEs, experienced engineers, architects, developers, and delivery experts
  • To ensure that Aggne’s products are tailored to your Duck Creek needs, more than 30% of their workforce holds Duck Creek technology certifications in Duck Creek  Policy and Billing as well as additional training in Insights and other product areas
  • Aggne’s focus is on producing technology products that empower our clients to rapidly implement, upgrade, and maintain their Duck Creek software investments while at the same time cutting the cost and risk normally associated with these activities
  • Aggne Implementation Design (AID) Kit
    • The AID Kit is designed to simplify and expedite your Duck Creek implementation by providing easily configured, automation modules covering  four primary Duck Creek product areas; policy, claims, billing, and data insights.
  • Aggne Upgrade Automation Platform (AUAP)
    • An upgrade optimization solution for Duck Creek software that minimizes time, cost, and technical risk associated with migrating to a later version of Duck Creek software by enabling Aggne consultants to quickly identify actions required for successful upgrades and, where possible, leverage automation for action execution.
  • Deep domain experience, with insurance clients accounting for more than 75% of overall revenue
  • 10+ years of experience with Duck Creek including many successful projects
  • Industry-unique accelerators that minimize the cost and timeline associated with an implementation
  • Advanced automation tools that leverage technology instead of staff augmentation to reduce the risk, lower the cost, and accelerate schedules
  • Expert support for the maintenance and operational continuity of current and ongoing Duck Creek operations.