Duck Creek’s Flight Path

Welcome to our Flight Path! This is Duck Creek’s guide to realizing our brilliant future.

Duck Creek is a leading technology company equipping insurers to face the future boldly. Our people are insurance and technology experts who are passionate about serving this vital and critically important industry. Our Flight Path explains what makes Duck Creek a special place. It’s a summary of the company’s identity, personality, and business focus. You’ll learn how Ducks work with each other, customers, and partners; what Duck Creek does; and what the company contributes to our industry. It all adds up to what makes Duck Creek special.

How Ducks Work Together

Core Values

Duck Creek’s core values are Ducks’ shared commitments to each other, our customers, and our partners. We value people who do remarkable work and inspire and motivate others by modeling our core values in everything they do.

We Prioritize Respect

We approach each relationship in good faith and with civility and courtesy.

We Listen

We are open to bold and different thinking, knowing that diversity and creativity move us forward as a business and a culture.

We Care

We actively work to understand one another’s needs and perspective—spoken and unspoken—and to carry that effort into the greater community.

We Add Value

We know where, when, and how we make the greatest impact—letting us focus our efforts and clarify intent and accountability.

We Lead

We have substance and quality in our genes — an expertise earned through decades of hands-on experience.

Culture Code

The culture code is Duck Creek’s personality. It’s how Ducks reinforce our values, get things done, and make ourselves known and heard, inside and outside the company. It’s also central to our hiring process—we want to attract people who like our style!

Ducks are a unified FLOCK!


We create greatness every day by promoting a spirit of fun.


This is an exciting, dynamic place where curiosity and continuous learning rule.


We welcome new ideas, are transparent and authentic in our interactions, and emphasize collaboration, not hierarchies.

Customer Focused

It’s all about the customer. We instill their confidence by meeting their needs and supporting their success.


We treat each other, our partners, and our customers with compassion and understanding.

What Duck Creek Does

SaaS at Duck Creek

Duck Creek is a SaaS company. With software-as-a-service, we deliver a fully managed technology service model that empowers insurers to transform their business. Our SaaS solution, Duck Creek OnDemand, enables insurers to introduce new products faster than ever before, make smarter data-driven decisions, enhance the customer experience, and adapt to shifting market conditions and regulatory requirements. Using the speed and agility of cloud computing and the SaaS delivery model, Duck Creek’s customers are setting a new standard for the insurance industry.

Product Vision

Provide a people-centric, comprehensive, and versatile humanized insurance technology that accelerates business outcomes.

Humanized technology employs the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to personalize experiences, streamline the technology for users, and enable customers to easily adapt it to meet changing needs.

Building Lasting Customer Relationships

At Duck Creek, “customer focused” is part of our culture code. For Ducks, providing responsive, smooth, and trusting service is every bit as important as delivering innovative, reliable products.  Many dedicated teams are laser focused on ensuring customers have a great experience with us throughout their journey—from the sales process through implementation and beyond.

The entire company is committed to securing customers’ trust and building lasting relationships with customers. Ducks work as a team through close collaboration with customers, partners, and one another; make things simple by streamlining and simplifying products, processes, and communications; design for people by delivering needed functionality in a way that makes customers feel confident and in control; and solve for stability by providing customers the stable platform they need to run their business, even as we continue to innovate. Here, meeting customers’ needs, supporting their success, and raising the bar in everything we do for them are always top of mind.

Living Into Our Flight Path

Duck Creek is filled with driven, effective, collaborative, and creative people united by their deep commitment to helping customers succeed. Ducks are dedicated insurance professionals with decades of hands-on industry experience and technology experts who know that the right technology can transform the industry we serve. We’re creating a company where every employee’s unique greatness will shine, inspire, and spark continuous innovation. Together, we are bringing out our best to help insurers set a new standard for the insurance industry and, ultimately, provide people and businesses a more secure tomorrow.

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