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Photocert Joins Duck Creek Solution Partner Ecosystem

January 8, 2024

LONDON – 8 January 2024 – Photocert, a leading innovator in AI-driven visual data authentication for the insurance industry, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Duck Creek Technologies, the intelligent solutions provider defining the future of property and casualty (P&C) and general insurance. This collaboration marks Photocert’s entry into Duck Creek’s esteemed ecosystem as a Solution partner, strengthening insurers’ capabilities to enhance their claims and underwriting processes while combating fraud more effectively.

In an era of deep fakes, Photoshop, and Generative AI, Photocert is dedicated to preserving the reliability of visual data. They transform inspections while ensuring the authenticity of visual media (photos, PDFs and scanned documents), while addressing a fundamental challenge – the demand for reliable, efficient, and automated inspections, particularly in claims and underwriting processes.

In alignment with this commitment, Photocert’s advanced authenticity technology offers comprehensive solutions for photos and documents by integrating with Duck Creek, allowing insurers to effortlessly digitise their workflow while utilising Photocert’s AI-based inspection platform. Upon successful authentication of visual media, it qualifies for seamless automation and straight-through processing. This not only ensures swift response times and cost efficiency but also enhances the overall customer experience. Notably, it serves as a robust prevention against fraud, providing a comprehensive solution for efficient and secure inspection processes.

“Our mission is to make visual data more trustworthy and useful,” said Pasquale Saviano, Chief Executive Officer, Photocert. “Due to our partnership with Duck Creek, we can extend this mission, enabling our shared customers to improve their claims and underwriting processes, mitigate fraud, and also tackle a new challenge: identifying images generated by AI.”

“We are excited to welcome Photocert as the newest member of the Duck Creek Solution Partner ecosystem,” said Robert Fletcher, Sr. Partner Manager, Duck Creek Technologies. “Amidst the prevalence of Generative AI, Photocert’s technology ensures the authenticity of images and PDF’s and greatly increases reliability and efficiency in claims and underwriting processes. By embracing innovation, this collaboration reaffirms Duck Creek’s commitment to supporting the evolving needs of insurers and policyholders alike.”

About Photocert

Photocert is a leading expert in the authenticity of digital media, from photos to documents, using state-of-the-art technology to optimise processes that rely on such data. This empowers insurance companies to automate operations, prevent fraud, and elevate the customers journey. Visit our website to learn more and follow us on Linkedin.

About Duck Creek Technologies

Duck Creek Technologies is the intelligent solutions provider defining the future of the property and casualty (P&C) and general insurance industry. We are the platform upon which modern insurance systems are built, enabling the industry to capitalize on the power of the cloud to run agile, intelligent, and evergreen operations. Authenticity, purpose, and transparency are core to Duck Creek, and we believe insurance should be there for individuals and businesses when, where, and how they need it most. Our market-leading solutions are available on a standalone basis or as a full suite, and all are available via Duck Creek OnDemand. Visit to learn more. Follow Duck Creek on our social channels for the latest information – LinkedIn and Twitter.

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