Duck Creek AgencyPortal

Duck Creek AgencyPortal, part of our Digital Engagement product family, lets P&C insurance carriers of all sizes execute key business transactions quickly and easily with their agents, brokers, MGAs or policy holders over the web. Mature and rigorously-tested, AgencyPortal is the industry’s leading independent portal, and includes all the components necessary to extend the workflow of a carrier’s policy processing environment out to multiple distribution channels on any device.

P&C carriers have more to consider than ever when it comes to their distribution and service technologies. Customer habits and expectations evolve daily. The need to plug into a growing roster of outside data and services is imperative. And more than ever, business strategies must be completely fluid and opportunistic. These shifting forces require a platform that puts ease of use and efficiency at its core (no matter the user or device); makes system integration in any direction fast and simple; and is ready to power changing product, user and geographic strategies on a dime.

Being competitive today requires fast, seamless integration with myriad systems and services – not just agency systems, but comparative raters, core providers and third parties like LexisNexis and Valen. AgencyPortal’s extreme configurability combined with our integration kits make integration a breeze, getting carriers on the road quickly to bi-directional data flow with their key partners.

AgencyPortal advantages:
  • Agent and consumer point of sale portals for commercial, personal and specialty lines of business
  • Quoting for new business
  • Self-service for billing, endorsements and claims
  • Responsive design for usability on any device
  • Ready-made templates based on ACORD standards to get live quickly
  • Tools-based architecture that allows insurers to build and maintain portal pages and business rules in-house
  • Export rules from AgencyPortal in an easily-readable format that ensures compliance with underwriting rules
  • Pre-built Integration Kits for leading core and third-party solutions
  • Integration support for connectivity with most P&C core systems, enterprise web applications, rating systems and third-party solutions
  • Work Item Assistant for online collaboration with agents
  • Multilingual abilities

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