Why Duck Creek

You power your future

At Duck Creek, we think P&C carriers should shape their own futures, not have them dictated by the technologies they use. Change should be welcomed, not feared; ideas put into play quickly and easily, without the need for developers; and complexity tamed with confidence, not met by more complexity.

“Customer satisfaction continues to be a key driver of our business, and Duck Creek’s industry expertise and advanced technology will help us deliver the exceptional service our customers expect. Every company knows that the future will continue to present more technology risks. Through this recent modernization, we’re better prepared to take advantage of the latest innovations and digital disrupters.”

Steve Smith

“The combination of the full-scale functionality of the Duck Creek Suite and its ability to offer these capabilities as a cloud solution makes Duck Creek the ideal business partner for this highly strategic initiative.”

Matt Bates
Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance

“DCU provides great training material that allows HUB International to hire new employees, bring them up to speed in DCT, and provide value to the teams they are on. The trainers are excellent and always go the extra mile to make sure their clients are happy and fully understand the material being delivered. DCU also has material for advanced users, which allows our seasoned developers to gain knowledge about new functionality in the platform. This empowers them to implement better and more efficient configurations for our products, allowing for greater speed to market and an easier-to-maintain solution.”

Phil Moura
Application Architect | HUB International

It’s all about the platform

Our open, flexible platform brings liberating strategies like SaaS delivery, headless UI, and low-code configuration to life, easing the burden of implementation and maintenance so that carriers can focus on bringing their next great ideas to life with newfound speed and gracefully intuitive input.

A Brief History

Where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re headed.