Our Story

The Beginning

Our story started with a small, dedicated team writing code, over countless late nights and weekends, with the goal of turning the ambitions of P&C carriers into reality. Driven by a passion for insurance, they believed in creating technology that unlocked the potential of people and their ideas.


Today, we are a company of more than 1,200 people among 12 offices in five countries. We have a full suite of solutions on which carriers can run their business. And underpinning all of it is a powerful, modern platform that allows them to focus on what’s important–differentiating themselves from their competitors.



For us, this is just the beginning. We are sustained by the belief that the carriers of tomorrow should never be tied to the legacies of yesterday. Our vision is of ever-faster, smarter and more invisible technologies that power human creativity and ingenuity far into the future.

We like "Why not?" more than "Why?"

The team at Duck Creek lets companies bring their amazing ideas to life quickly and easily by building software that thinks and works like they do. We’re fueled by sharing ideas openly, challenging conventions, trying new things, and valuing “Why Not?” over “Why?”

Life at Duck Creek