Live from ITC Vegas ’23 – The Innovators Part 2

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with Sabine VanderLinden | Nov 29, 2023

About This Episode

In this episode of Conversations on the Creek, host Rob Savitsky continues the conversation from Part 1 and takes the show on the road to the InsureTech Connect (ITC) Vegas ’23 Conference to have quick hitting discussions with several P&C innovators around the most pressing industry trends.

Guests include Sabine VanderLinden (Co-Founder & CEO; Alchemy Crew); Tara Kelly (President & CEO; SPLICE Software); Joshua R. Hollander (CEO, North America; Horton International; Host, Insurtech Leadership Podcast) Silvia Diaz-Roa (Co-Founder; ClaimDeck); Ryan Baillargeon (Senior Marketing Manager, Insurance; Glia).

If there was one trend that dominated ITC’23 this year, it was generative AI. Not surprisingly, the topic of AI came up at some point in nearly every micro podcast episode in today’s show.

See below for the time stamps of each segment to jump to a particular topic and/or guest:

[2:15] – Sabine VanderLinden of Alchemy Crew shares her take on investments in generative AI, and the use cases in insurance where she sees initial adoption.

[12:41] – Tara Kelly of SPLICE Software describes the role of utilizing surveys to better meet evolving customer expectations.

[16:01] – Joshua R. Hollander of Horton International weighs in on the evolving talent landscape, the importance of DE&I, and how carriers can position themselves to find and retain top talent.

[23:56] – Silvia Diaz-Roa of ClaimDeck talks about the state of claims litigation and the role of AI impacting the workforce.

[27:30] – Ryan Baillargeon of Glia share his perspective on how to deploy AI in the context of customer communications.

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